Recognizing and Reducing Implicit Bias in Your Writing

Breakout Session


We review critical definitions related to bias with an engaging and interactive presentation. We delve into the world of perspective, illusion, and brain associations and learn how preferences ensure that we survive a hostile world. We look at the fluctuating brain states we occupy during the day and identify when we are more likely to rely on implicit bias. Strategies to rewire our brains long-term are offered. We explore intergroup interactions. Participants leave the presentation more informed about implicit biases and armed with tools they can use to enhance their cultural sensitivity throughout their writing.

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  • Stacie Walton

    A semi-retired Pediatrician and Diversity Equity and Inclusion specialist who provides keynote presentations with a Social Justice Speaker's Bureau and teaches courses on Racial Healing and Implicit Bias with the Renaissance Society at Sacramento State University. For three decades, her cultural competency themes highlight the impact of Implicit Bias and...