The Long and Winding Road: Publishing an Essay Collection

Breakout Session


Essay collections have a mixed reputation these days: It's a golden age of essays! ... but it often seems impossible to get a collection published. This session discusses the process, from beginning (How long should it be? How many essays should be already published? Do I need an agent? A theme?), middle (Where should I send this thing? What do I do while I wait?), to end (Do I need to worry about marketing? How can I get reviews?). Essayist Randon Billings Noble will share their stories, experience, advice -- and encouragement!

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  • Randon Billings Noble

    Randon Billings Noble is an essayist. Her collection Be with Me Always was published by the University of Nebraska Press in 2019 and her anthology of lyric essays, A Harp in the Stars, was published by Nebraska in 2021. Currently she is the founding editor of the online literary magazine...