This Way Out — Locating Your Story's True Ending

Breakout Session


Film critic Judith Crist used to say, “Our beginnings may not always know our endings in life, but they must in our writing.” It’s tough to introduce them, though, if your ending eludes you like a mirage in the desert, moving out of reach just as you think you’re closing in. This breakout session will review concrete strategies for pinpointing both chronological and emotional endings, common causes of the “mirage effect,” and methods for crafting the coda your story deserves.



  • Kelly Caldwell

    Kelly Caldwell probably struggles with endings because she's over-steeped in the tradition of the Midwestern Goodbye. She's a proud contributor to the Hippocampus anthology Getting to the Truth: The Craft and Practice of Creative Nonfiction, and her work has appeared in Vox, Pacific Standard, House Beautiful, New York Newsday, and...