Have I Got a Story For You! How to Find Live Outlets For Your Work or Create Them Yourself

Breakout Session


Find out how the Storytelling/ Live Lit/ Solo Performance folks find opportunities for outlets for their work, whether it's live, virtual or recorded. Whether you're just starting out or have more experience, discover resources to help you find the right spaces for your work. Live in an area where there aren't any shows or they're not a good fit? Don't want a virtual show? We'll also go through the nuts and bolts of what it takes to produce a show on your own! (spoiler....it doesn't have to be hard!)

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Have a list of Live Lit and Storytelling shows, their focus, and how to submit your work to them
  • Pinpoint what's the best kind of show for your work
  • Understand how to produce and/or host your own show

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  • Amy Eaton

    Amy has been published in The Coachella Review, Mulberry Literary, and Hippocampus. She is a writer/performer in Chicago, including shows at Write Club, Stoop Style Stories, MissSpoken, and Fillet of Solo. She has taught theater, creative writing, personal narrative and Live Lit for Urban Gateways, Gallery 37, Cook County Jail,...