How a Mindfulness Practice Can Improve Your Writing and Help Quiet the Inner Critic

Breakout Session


We hear so much about mindfulness and how it can help us manage stress, but how can it help us become better writers? By using the techniques of mindfulness, author and yoga/meditation teacher Lisa Jakub will show you how these practices can help us quiet the inner critic while finding our voice, inspiration, and authentic creativity. You will leave this session with tangible tools to take home and ideas for how to create your own mindfulness practice to support your creative work. And maybe together we can all find a little more peace in the middle of the chaos.



  • Lisa Jakub

    Lisa Jakub is an author, therapeutic yoga teacher, and the founder/CEO of - an online community that offers pay-what-you-can mindful practices for mental wellness. Lisa's memoir is YOU LOOK LIKE THAT GIRL, her most recent book on mental health is NOT JUST ME. Lisa is a happily retired actor...