Everything You've Been Told About Book Publishing is Wrong ...

Breakout Session


Lawrence Knorr shares his 18 years of experience leading one of the top traditional independent book publishers in the region, Sunbury, Press. Attendees taking the independent author path will hear the inside game secrets and misnomers prevalent in the industry. A special focus will be given to the plethora of misinformation and out-of-date tips found on books and websites about self-publishing. Sunbury Press grew at a 50% clip in 2021 using the latest and greatest techniques. Get the latest from this leading-edge contrarian.



  • Lawrence Knorr

    Lawrence Knorr is the Founder and CEO of Sunbury Press, Inc., the Pennsylvania-based traditional trade publisher. Sunbury Press has published over 1000 titles by over 500 authors under 15 different imprints. Lawrence is the author or co-author of over 30 nonfiction books, mostly history and biography. He holds a BA...