Embodying Family Story with 3rd Person POV

Breakout Session


In creative nonfiction, there are moments that a 3rd person narrator allows for an embodiment of a story that doesn’t belong to the narrator. This isn’t so much a shift away from the “I” but a masking of the “I”. LI Young Lee, Jesmyn Ward, and Maxine Hong Kingston all use this kind of shift in their work to explore familial relationships and the way that one person’s story becomes a family's legacy. In other words, by masking the “I”, time and space are transcended to create shared stories.



  • Zachary Ostraff

    Zachary received his MFA from EWU and is currently working towards a Ph.D. at Texas Tech University. After receiving his MFA, Zachary Ostraff spent time teaching as an adjunct instructor in rural Utah. It was during that time that he found inspiration for his writing through his interactions with the...