Photography for Writers: A Crash Course on Visual Storytelling for Enthusiasts of the Written Word

Breakout Session


If you've ever looked at someone else's Instagram or TikTok portfolio and thought, I want to make images and video like that but I don't know how, the good news is you actually can. This session will take attendees through important techniques like how to recognize good lighting, how to make beautiful portraits, how to take eye-popping travel images, how to make compelling behind-the-scenes photos. And you can do this with a cellphone or a camera. The skills we'll go over apply to photography and video, which is so important today because writers need to be good visual storytellers, too.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Know how to read and even create beautiful light to help tell stories through photos
  • Learn tricks of composition that will improve your photography skills right away
  • Understand how motion and emotion make for great images



  • Dave Pidgeon

    I'm a seasoned writer and photographer from Lancaster, Pa., with the privilege of being a previous HippoCamp speaker. Today, I own an athlete portrait photography business, and I blog about the photography life at My 20-year writing and photography career has taken me from presidential campaign buses to the...