Building a Reputation Framework: Personal Brand Strategy for Writers

Breakout Session


Writers are pressured to develop their online “platform” with seemingly endless sources of advice, tips & tricks, and channel hacks. This is a tsunami of information and options, and can be overwhelming without a strategic framework to help make choices about where to put your time and energy. This session explains how to easily create that personal brand and content strategy so you can determine your objectives, the right digital marketing elements for you, and how to optimize your efforts so you have a platform that best serves your purpose.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • Create a personal brand strategy framework
  • Protect your time from distractions and trends
  • Build an online platform that works for you



  • James Irwin

    I am a global marketing communications leader for business services giant Deloitte, held similar roles at EY and Comcast, and previously had my own communications firm in San Francisco. I am a published essayist, media critic, and journalist; a founding editor of four periodicals; and an associate editor of the...